Best Hotels in Krk, Croatia

When choosing a majestic getaway, getting all the details right is something definitely worth putting the extra investigating time into. Do you want to rent a small villa on the Beach? Or do you want a hotel with all the amenities at hand to meet your needs? Both of these options have pros and cons and can give you everything you are looking for in a holiday if chosen correctly.

Renting a Villa

Renting a villa while on vacation in the Krk can have many added benefits if traveling with a larger group. Many Villas may be located right on the sandy coastline of the island or within a short walking distance to one of potatoes-637370_1920the many famous beaches. When renting a villa, you have many options to choose from to customize the house to your needs. You can choose anywhere from one to 7 bedrooms with ease. This leaves plenty of room to bring the extended family. Cooking dinners may be a lot easier for a large group and much more cost effective. This is also a better option for families who may have strict dietary needs such as food allergies and restrictions. Renting a villa is much more accommodating when traveling with children. It provides a more homelike atmosphere and if it is on its own private sandy beach you will not have to worry about running into a nudist beach! This is definitely your more family friendly option.

Staying at a Hotel

If you are looking for a hotel to stay in while visiting the Krk island, you will have a variety of options available for that as well. If you are family traveling with children, then the Hotel Drazica may be right for you. The hotel offers many outdoor activities like tennis, swimming pools, a childrens swimming pool with water slides, mini golf, and badminton. They have a fitness and massage center. In the evenings they have live music and dance shows. The hotel even offers a mini club entertainment in the evening for the younger children.

croatia-437201_1920Another great choice for a hotel would be the Hotel Zvonimir. This hotel is located right on the Baska promenade. It is right on a beautiful beach front of beautiful white sands and rocks and a brilliant deep blue sea. Most of the hotel rooms have a water front view. Right next door to the hotel is a wellness center that has an outdoor and indoor pool, massages, beauty center, and saunas. Also within a few steps reach outside the hotel door the promenade is full of restaurants, café bars, and many small shops and souvenir stands. The hotel is air conditioned and Wi-Fi for those of you who may need to connect with reality for a bit.

Plenty of Options

Many great options are available for traveling for a holiday in the Krk of Croatia. Whether you are going for a honeymoon or a family get away, this area can accommodate to it all. Even if the hotel is not on the sea front, most hotels offer shuttles throughout the day back and forth to popular beach fronts and throughout the city. The Krk is growing to be one of the most popular travel locations due to the inexpensive costs of staying there mixed with the natural beauty of the area.

Going on a holiday to the Krk, Croatia can be one of true beauty. It is not your everyday vacationing spot, but is going to be one of the most popular beaches in the European area. Before traveling to the Krk, you may want to consider a few options first. This will allow for you to really capture the true beauty that is hidden on that island.

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