If a Beach is What you are Looking For, Then Read This

There is some sort of magical beauty associated with going to the beach. Time seems to be lost and the rest of your world is left behind. Boredom is non-existent for anyone. It’s a time for rest, relaxation, and maybe bringing out a little of the creative side to you.

The Krk, Croatia is home to some of the most magnificent beaches and small lakes anywhere in the world. Below will be a list of some of the most popular beaches to visit.

  • dubrovnik-512798_1920Uvala Lapad Beach (Dubrovnik) – This beach is located in Lapad Bay, and has many features to keep you comfortable. There are changing cabins located around the beach. Many Locals sell a variety of refreshments on the beach. Large umbrellas with sun loungers are available throughout the beach and the beach is also kept under a watchful eye of the many lifeguards on duty. The beach is also known for its beautiful sands. If you want to escape the crowds this beach can give you that.
  • Saharun (Dugi otok)– This beach is a favorite to all. The beach is adorned with white sands and pebbles for almost a kilometer. The beach is surrounded by a vast natural beauty and a peaceful atmosphere. The summer months bring an immense crowd, but even at these times the beach does not seem crowded. The waters are a Caribbean blue, which is quite unique for the Adriatic. The beach also has a lighthouse that many people like to visit and it makes for a great photo shoot!
  • Prapratno Beach (Peljesac)– If you are traveling with a family that has small children, this beach may be your golden ticket. The beach is in a bay that provides warm shallow waters. The village is surrounded by ancient pine trees and olive trees. Taking a stroll around this Peninsula can lead to many discoveries. There are a lot of hidden rocky beaches, providing total isolation.
  • Vela Beach– Located on the southern part of the island, in the town of Baska. Vela Beach is a long white sandy beach. IT was awarded the blue flag as a symbol of all the purity and quality it has to offer. The beach has many activities to offer. There are bars on the beach at one location for the young people can enjoy some music. The beach has an adventurous section with a large water slide and aqua gun. Then there is another section for the athletic at heart. Activities that are offered are pedal boats, beach jet-766192_1280volleyball, picigin, jet skis, para-sailing, and much more. If you develop an intense hunger the beach is also adorned with many pastry shops and restaurants along the length of the beach.

This is just a few of the many majestic beaches to be found around the Krk, Croatian island. All very unique and amazing qualities. If you are traveling with young children, there is one very important fact that you may want to consider before traveling to just any one of these beaches. Many of these beaches are a clothing optional beach! In fact, I think all of the beaches have the option. Although some may be more freely open to being nudist than others. I am sure some areas are kept more children friendly out of respect for the small traveling visitors.

Going on a holiday to the Krk, Croatia can be one of true beauty. It is not your everyday vacationing spot, but is going to be one of the most popular beaches in the European area. Before traveling to the Krk, you may want to consider a few options first. This will allow for you to really capture the true beauty that is hidden on that island.

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