Where is the Krk, Croatia Located?

The Krk is a Croatian Island in the northern Adriatic sea. This island is the most popular of all Adriatic islands and is home to many towns and villages. The population is about nineteen thousand and has a high volume of travelers. It is connected to the mainland by a two-arch bridge, one of the largest bridges in the world.

What is the weather like throughout the year?ctl-867504_1920

The island offers a very moderate and mild climate. The Summer and winter months offer a little bit of a variance but you are sure to find year round enjoyment on this island.

What are some of the best beaches to Visit?

Dunat Beach is located in a sheltered inlet and usually has higher sea temperatures and calm and safer waters than other beaches.

Jezavac beach is next to a camping area and close to town. Perfect for the families that want to stretch out in the sun, swim in crystal waters, and play volleyball.

Koralj Beach is one of the most romantic beaches in the Krk. It is surrounded by pine trees and with beautiful sun, and intense turquoise waters in a pretty cove.

Politin Beach is a very know beach for nudists. People flock here to enjoy the areas as nature intended. This is also located right next to a naturist camp.

croatia-387767_1920Can you rent a Villa on the sea side?

Yes, many Villas are available to rent throughout the island. Many are located on the seaside and offer the use of a private beach. This does come at quite an added expense.

Are there any places to go to go hiking?

The island is covered in marked hiking trails. They lead to many different majestic views. Some go by pristine private beaches, or might lead to old castles or light houses. The Baska hiking trails are the best known trails with more than 90 kilometers of marked trails. These trails can also lead you to the highest point of the island with breathtaking views.

What are the most common types of food eaten on the Croatian island?

The main Meat eaten on the island would be pork and seafood. Cheese and prosciutto are also very much a favorite. The island has its own unique style being derived from a few different cultures.

Are there any hotels that are family friendly with small children?

Yes, many hotels are aimed to serve all ages. Many hotels even offer activities for the smaller children like a swim school and nighttime musical entertainment for the smaller children at a certain time. The pool areas usually have water slides and activities for the kids to do. The hotel restaurants will also offer menu items that will appeal to children from other areas, for those picky little ones. For the middle age children who are lost without Wi-Fi, many hotels now offer Wi-Fi so they can stay connected and update their friends with all the fun awesome and amazing things they are seeing and doing.